Comprehensive Physical Exam

Every visit with a veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center of Surprise includes a nose to tail comprehensive examination of your pet. This begins with a weight assessment to assess any weight gains or losses that may be of concern.  The veterinary nurse assigned to you that day will document a complete history of your pets overall well being which includes taking a temperature, pulse, and respiration.  You will be asked about your pets current diet and any medications being taken at the present time.

The Doctor will typically start with an ophthalmic/otoscopic exam, followed by oral assessment of any periodontal concerns. Secondly, a complete auscultation of both cardiac/pulmonary sounds will be assessed for any abnormalities. The abdomen will be palpated for kidney, gastrointestinal and any urinary bladder abnormalities. The skin and coat will be examined for any dermatological issues. Lastly, the tail will be lifted up for any anal, vaginal scrotal or penile abnormalities. 

The Doctor will discuss any concerns that arise from the physical exam and will make recommendations accordingly and a treatment plan will be presented to you by your nurse. 

Since we are a preventative health care practice, we encourage physical exams biannually on pets 7 years of age or greater. The philosophy is to be proactive in catching any disease processes early there-by giving the patient a much better prognosis with increased longevity.