Annual Blood & Urine Testing

It is the philosophy  of the Animal Medical Center of Surprise to be a preventative care hospital.  With that mind set, not only is the physical exam important, but also accompanying blood and urine testing. Physical exams by themselves exclusively do not assess internal organ function. 

 There are typically four parts to the Annual Complete Blood/Urine profile.

The first part is a CBC = Complete Blood Cell count. This assesses the red blood cells , white blood cells and the platelet counts for adequate levels. 

The second part is a CHEMISTRY which assesses vital organ function such as the liver, kidneys, pancreatic and electrolytes. 

The third part is a THYROIDAL function which manages overall metabolism.  Any decreases may cause, and any increases may cause weight loss.

The fourth part is the URINALYSIS. Specifically looking for concentrating ability, pH discrepancies, crystals, RBC’s, WBC’s, or bacteria.