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  • Introducing our new online pharmacy VetSource!

    Our home delivery program provides affordable, quality medications, coupled with convenient Auto Ship programs so your pet’s medications are delivered to your home, on time, just when you need it. Click on the picture to the right and go explore!

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  • Preventive Care Plans!

    Our Wellness Plans offer affordable packages of recommended preventive care that can save you money and deliver care to your pet in these key areas: Bi annual examinations, blood work, dental, nutrition, vaccinations and parasite control. Plus much more!

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  • Welcome To The Animal Medical Center of Surprise!

    We look forward to meeting you and your furry companions! Call us today at 623-295-1811 to schedule your pet care appointment!

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  • Veterinary Services

    Our Veterinary hospital is pleased to provide your pet(s) with a wide variety of pet care services. These services include preventive care, internal medicine, surgery, and much more!

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  • Laser Therapy Available!

    We are pleased to now provide Laser therapy to our patients! Make your Laser therapy appointment Today! This is for pets that have back and neck pain, hip dysplasia, and also used for chronic wound therapy.

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"We embrace the art of healing and the science of medicine to enrich the lives of our animal companions. We support you in making informed decisions that allow your pet to enjoy wellness as long as possible. Our hospital team inspires an atmosphere of compassion and respect for our patients, our clients, and for one another."

Your Veterinarian in Surprise, AZ!